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edit difficulty

dummy icon


Copy the code into a journal entry. You'll find the key at the top, so scroll down until you find ROW START. Copy from there until ROW END and paste immediately after the previous to make more rows. There are 3 characters per row, which should look nice on most resolutions.

Change the dummy icon URL as listed above for each character's icon. If you'd like to change the colours or BG image, you can do that as well. To edit the relationship icons, just change the text colour to the ones in the key (also listed here). By default it's the lowest level, so you can ctrl+f that colour code if you need help finding the right thing to change. Change URL1, URL2 etc into thread links -- you can remove links if there's too many, or add some more, and it should be fine! If you don't want the thread tracker, change the header and replace the links with some different text.

Feel free to edit the code in general, but please leave the credit intact. If you need help, please contact me via this post or PM.

as a note: in some mobile browsers, the italic text may spill over into the links, and symbols may be replaced by emoji (this happens on my Samsung Note 5 for reference), so this isn't a particularly mobile-friendly design. However, it should look fine on desktop browsers, and isn't horribly unreadable on mobile.
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Ugh, this is so cute... Definitely bookmarking this! Thanks!